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Why should you choose a professional guide ?



In France, the guide-lecturer profession is regulated by law in the article L.221-1 of the Tourism Code that establishes the conditions of the exercice of all activities related to the organisation and the sales of journeys. It regulates, as well, the guided tours in the museums of France and its historic monuments by certifying the professionals with an official card. The obtention of this licence is mandatory by law in order to perform a guided tour. 



The guide-lecturer permits to French and foreign visitors to discover and appreciate the French cultural patrimony. In order to exercice his or her activity, the guide-lecturer must have a good general-knowledge level, an in-depth knowledge in History, Art History, Ethnography, Economics and Geography. He or she must possess great human-relations qualities and a feeling for pedagogy. In addition, he or she must be available and have great skills of adaptation upon the visitors' demands. Finally, he or she must be fluent in foreign languages.




Virginie HOLM

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